Friday, August 26, 2005

I've been watching the Season 6 boxed set of The Simpsons, and enjoying it very much, as well I should. Some great episodes in season six, including the classic "Bart of Darkness," with the Rear Window parody. But I was most excited to see that "A Star is Burns," the Simpsons/Critic crossover, was included. Matt Groening was unhappy with the concept, and took his name off the episode. I was looking forward to hearing about the details, and witnessing the fun that was portended on a previous season's audio commentary, when guest voice Jon Lovitz needled Groening about the situation (on "A Streetcar Named Marge," possibly my favorite Simpsons ever). But lo and behold, I listen to the audio commentary, and Matt Groening is nowhere to be found. James L. Brooks is present, as is Lovitz, and it's a funny commentary (Lovitz' comments about Phil Hartman stealing his Charlton Heston impression are outrageous). But despite Lovitz' constant digs, it seems like it's straining a bit much to be non-controversial. So that was disappointing. And even more inexplicably, that episode is missing the belch sound effect from two scenes. They even discuss Maurice LaMarche's belching talent, yet the actual sound is missing. Very confusing--did Eudora Welty's estate threaten to sue? But don't let that prevent you from picking up this volume (or any of the previous, should you be lacking--come on folks, it's only money).

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