Monday, August 22, 2005

I chatted with my host at Valley View Casino about my football invitation. Turns out I'm not quite qualified to go to a Chargers game, so I have to settle for an Aztecs game, instead. Which is fine. I'm not a football fan, and I figured I might enjoy a college game more, since the players have more to prove and aren't spoiled, and don't have drug and gun problems. But why include Chargers games on my invitation, if you're not going to let me go? Apparently, I was pretty close to meeting the requirement, so they wanted to know who I was bringing with me. I was brining my mom, but I gave them a friend's name, who has been up there with me. The host said his play didn't help at all, and laughed. So I guess I should have said I was bringing my mom, as she gets pretty good offers in the mail from them, and must have run a decent amount of money through the nickel machines. So Valley View has somewhat annoyed me by pulling the invitation that was extended to me, but as I mainly just want to hang out in the skybox and enjoy the free food and booze, I'm perfectly happy with a college game. And they're still far more generous with comps than any other San Diego casino.

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