Saturday, August 06, 2005

I'm Vegas-bound tomorrow, late tomorrow. Flying out after work, flying back Wednesday afternoon. First post-9/11 flight, and I'm nervous, not because of terrorism, but the myriad other ways the huge steel box I'm in can fall out of the sky. It will be interesting to see first-hand how security works these days. But I really should have just rescheduled my trip, rather than flying to squeeze a trip in on the couple days I had free. But I'm sure I'll have fun once I get there. Had some bad luck on-line this week, mostly because I get mad after loosing a tournament by some bozo getting a lucky card on the river, and then going off and playing some game I have no right playing and expecting to win, and blowing more than I should. But long-term, I'm still doing okay with poker, and hopefully I can work more on being a disciplined player, once I get back from my vacation. And hopefully I'll have a much more substantial bankroll to attack the poker rooms with when I get back from Vegas.

I do feel bad leaving Tanner with his condition, but he seems to be taking to his new medication pretty well. He doesn't seem particularly lethargic, but he definately shows an increased appetite. He's always underfoot if you go anywhere near the kitchen. But other than sleeping in later in the morning, he doesn't seem too sedate or drugged out from the pheno. In fact, he attacked my cousin the moment she came in the front door, and nearly bit her. Good for him, I say.

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