Thursday, August 25, 2005

I mentioned awhile back enjoying the Wonka brand candies I purchased at Target. I just felt I should add that I found myself at a 99 cent store today, and found they had a variable cornucopia of Wonka candies. The Target bundles are probably a better deal, if you enjoy all the candies within, but since the Wonka corporation (I belive Nestle ran poor Charlie Bucket out in some hostile takeover a few years back) has ruined "Everlasting" Gobstopers, you're probably better off consulting your local bargain retailer. You can't ruin Nerds, after all. The new Wonka donut is rather disturbing, however. Actually does have an almost-donut-like consistency, but too chocolatey and sickening sweet. But love them Nerds. Sadly, no Runts or Bottlecaps were to be seen.

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