Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I had dinner at Il Fornaio last night. I've eaten there several times in Vegas, and enjoy their food very much. And again, was quite impressed, this time eating in Coronado. The food was great (I had seafood lasagna), the desserts were fantastic (a creme brulee with a chocolate mousse topping), and even the wine was good, and I'm not a big wine guy. But what really blew me away was the atmosphere and the view. We didn't have a window table, but still had no problem enjoying the view of the downtown skyline, able to see how much it's changed in just the last few years, and also watch the ship activity down at the port. Patio dining was in high demand, but it looked to me like they cram a lot of people out there; inside, you still get the view, and a bit more breathing room. Not to mention that it was a bit chilly outside (a nice change). And the best part is, Il Fornaio is a chain, and the prices here were typical of the chain; standard to cheap for up-scale Italian. No premium for the primo location. Dinner for two, with dessert and (a somewhat pricy) wine for me, only came to $54 after tax/tip. Compare that to a place like Anthony's, where you'd pay about 50% more, at least, for a view that doesn't compare with this. I was highly impressed.

I ate there with my mom last night, because we had tickets to see Pump Boys and Dinettes at the Lamb's Players Theatre. This show was not part of the schedule when we bought our season tickets, but was added later. As I haven't really enjoyed their previous performances (though Metamorposes wasn't bad), and as it sounded suspiciosly like such god-awful plays as Triple Espresso and American Rythms (if I'm remembering correctly the title of one of the worst things I've ever sat through), I didn't have high hopes. So the fact that it wasn't terrible made it pretty enjoyable to sit through. Not much to it, but the musicianship of the actors was good all-around, there were a few catchy tunes, and it was short. Not bad. I'm looking forward to The Winslow Boy, coming up in a few months. I doubt I will get season tickets again, though.

I tried to go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this afternoon, but got lost trying to go to the AMC Palm Promenade. Got off the wrong freeway exit, apparently. The good news is, when I got home to find a new showtime to go to, I noticed it's playing at the Santee Drive-In. I've been meaning for years to go down there, I haven't been since I was a little kid. So tonight I'm going. I've sent out some e-mails, hopefully someone will join be, but if not, I see that they permit dogs. Tanner hasn't seen a movie in a theatre in some time, and I'm sure he misses the experience, being so ingrained into his early subconscious. And his new drugs might keep him mellow. But I doubt I'll bring him, as I'd like to scope the place out, first. Never know about those East County folk; they might let packs of pit bulls wander the grounds or something.

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