Thursday, August 25, 2005

I went to Sycuan today. I recently went up just to cash in a coupon for $15 they sent me, played a poker tournament, lost, and went home, a $3 winner. No point gambling there, since all they ever send me is small cash coupons and 2-for-1 buffet coupons. Fortunately, my brief visit didn't register on their computer, so I got a $50 coupon, one of those "we miss you" things. Interestingly, the letter assured me that they have improved their comp system, so that it is easier to get free meals while playing. I arrived having eaten, so I can't say how easy it is to get a meal these days. Back when they first opened their "high limit" room, I remember the cocktail waitress would keep coming by with random food for me. I graciously accepted a shrimp cocktail, but declined buffalo wings, considering I was handling cards (and hate buffalo wings). That didn't last long. The last time I was there, I lost a frightful amount of cash, and was informed I could get about $4 in food. So that was my last visit. The fact that they would send out $50 showed that maybe they've loosened up on comps a tad, and someone at my table was dealing with a host and doing okay. Me, I didn't ask for anything, just got my $50, played about 45 minutes, and left up a very tidy sum. I still don't really like Sycuan, it just has a bad vibe, and I've had problems there in the past, and know others who have, too. And their buffet is pretty bad (cafe is good, though). Hard to recommend over, say, Barona, but if their comps for table players have in fact loosened up, at least that's something.

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