Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It seems serendipitous to me that I finished reading a history of the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 just in time to witness the recent hurricane damage on the news. I find myself somewhat lacking in sympathy given the horrendous behavior of the town fathers of New Orleans toward their neighbors during the prior flood, which I realize is horribly unfair of me, but what can I say? But still, it's interesting to witness similar sorts of destruction, if on a smaller scale. And my Randy Newman google news alert is keeping busy, as just about everyone has to mention "Louisiana 1927" at some point in their description of the destruction. Why no one on the Weather Channel chooses to express their sympathy by saying "Isn't it a shame what the [hurricane] has done to this poor cracker's land" is beyond me.

But however cold-hearted I may be tempted to be due to early 20th-century history, my sympathies to those who lost homes or loved ones. And my deep sympathy to the people of Biloxi, who have lost several casinos, a loss I can truly relate to.

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