Sunday, July 29, 2007

Well, my sister ruined Comic-Con, so I won't go into as much detail as I originally intended (angries up the blood), but I should just note a few of the highlights:

The Simpsons panel was just the best thing ev...oh, wait, I wasn't there. Thanks a hell of a lot, asshole houseguests! Oh there I go, getting myself in a snit. Back to happier news.

Futurama is back! Of course, I knew this, and knew they were coming to Comedy Central, but it was nice to get the details. Four direct-to-DVD movies, the first one, Bender's Big Score, to be released in November 2007. The movies will be sliced up into 16 TV episodes, to air on Comedy Central in 2008, along with the old episodes. The writers are all writers from the TV days, so that's a good sign, and all the voice actors returned (and all were at Comic-Con, including Katey Segal in her first Comic-Con appearance). The animation, in widescreen and HD, is supposed to be even better than the previous incarnation, while the budget constraints of basic cable means the show will no longer use a live orchestra for the sountrack, relying instead on synthesizers. The trailer was amusing, with lots of digs at their corporate overlords, railing against Twentieth Century Box for cancelling Planet Express' primetime delivery schedule. In a similar vein, a good portion of the panel consisted of the voice talent of Futurama reading a comic book that was distributed at Comic-Con, which followed the travails of the Planet Express team as they moved from Twentieth Century Box to the time loop that is the Carton Network (John Dimaggio's impression of Peter Griffith was freakin' sweet!), to their revival thanks to the unwashed nerds of Package-Con in Space Diego. This was followed by a Q&A session, which didn't reveal too many more facts, but led to a freewheeling discussion of the various voices on the show and their origins. I had to brave quite a crowd to get into this panel, but it was one of the most interesting panels I attended this year. But that may be because certain forces conspired to keep me from attending certain panels...jackasses...oops, there I go again.

The Boondocks panel was a lot of fun. The Boondocks is one of those shows I don't think I like, that I think is very much hit or miss, but then when I start talking about episodes I liked, I begin to realize there were some really genious episodes. And now that they have some experience, the new season should be even better. I don't want to spoil too much, I'll just say the panel opened with the trailer for a film parody, I would hate to ruin by discussing here. But the new season looks good, and the Q&A was hilarious; much like Bruce Campbell, the panelists were quite adept at slicing through the Comic-Con question bullshit and creating something hilarious. I'm eagerly awaiting the new season.

There were other bright spots at Comic-Con, but as I'm still steaming about this year's convention being spoiled for me by inconsiderate twits, I think I'll stop here. Maybe I'll put up some pictures later, but I don't think I photographed anything too earth-shattering. I just wish I hadn't pre-registered for next year already, because if my sister comes down next year, I'm going to Vegas.

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