Wednesday, July 04, 2007

7-Elevens transformed into Kwik-E-Marts. We didn't get any here in town, but there are some in L.A. and in Vegas, so I'll probably get a chance to make it to one or the other. It seems odd, when they're having this promotion in July, month of Comic-Con, that they wouldn't convert a store in San Diego.

But I was able to visit a local 7-Eleven, and even the ones not transformed have special Simpsons-themed merchandise. I got a squishee and an official pink movie donut, as well as a Radioactive Man comic book, box of KrustyO's cereal, and a six-pack of Buzz Cola. Not the most exciting thing ever, but as promotional gimmicks go, it's well-conceived. And considering most of the jokes on the show involve how criminally-overpriced the Kwik-E-Mart is, I considered the prices charged to be reasonable, considering nerds like me would have paid whatever they asked. Yet in keeping with the spirit of the show, the penny candy was surprisingly expensive.

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