Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tammy Faye Messner, dead at 65.

As a tribute to most people, "Oops! There Comes a Smile" would be infuriatingly upbeat and glib, but since it seems to represent Tammy Faye's baseline attitude, through good times and bad, it seems a fine way of remembering her. And I'll be firing up my Eyes of Tammy Faye DVD tonight; I hope Tammy Faye was as grateful for that film as she should have been (I suspect she was; she's always been open about how thankful she was for the support of the gay community), as it really transformed how people thought of her. As did, of course, her appearance on The Surreal Life 2 (back before the Surreal Life franchise became unwatchable).

MSNBC has an even-handed commentary on Tammy Faye's faith and materialism.

I see I wrote about her book-signing appearance in San Diego here.

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