Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Welcome to the latest installment of Wii/Jenga Confluence News of the Week (WJCNotW):

Ars Technica asks: Is Jenga on the Wii as bad an idea as it sounds?

Excuse me? Did you say bad idea? I think you meant to say frickin' awesome idea! Jenga FTW! The bird mentioned in the article, however? Sounds pretty weak. And I agree with Ars that price will make or break this game. $20 is a bit too optimistic though. My prognostication skills tell me $30 will be the release price. But given their financial situation, they might go as low as $20, just to generate cash quickly, like a crack addict.

Oh, and Steven Spielberg? If you mention Jenga again in conjunction with your lame-ass new Wii game, I will seriously bitch-slap you. I think a first-person shooter based on On the Lot would have a better chance of success.

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