Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Comics Curmudgeon calls out an outstanding new blog, which reimagines the children's comic strip Slylock Fox as hard-boiled pulp fiction. I've noticed the bulk of this blog's readership recently has came from people searching from some iteration of the phrase "Cassandra Cat," so I assume this will be of interest. Even if you haven't yet discovered the simple joys of Slylock Fox, you should enjoy Reynard Noir.

Incidentally, Cassandra Cat was back in last Sunday's Slylock Fox. Apparently, some PTA groups or something, no doubt from the deep South, have written in to their local newspapers, complaining about Cassandra Cat's sexiness, so she can now only be presented standing behind a building. But us fans will have to take what we can get. But this appearance led me to review the Comics Curmudgeon archives, where I saw that the link to Cassandra Cat porn (which I didn't share here out of basic human decency--though I should say, lest I sound holier-than-thou, that I did offer a suggestion which was incorporated in the final product) had been removed at the request of the strip's artist. Can't say I blame him, seeing as the strip is aimed at toddlers and all. So if you're searching for Cassandra Cat porn (and I know a goodly percentage of my readers are), I can't help you. I didn't have the presence of mind to download it while I could. I just don't want that sort of thing on my computer. You have friends over, they're snooping on your computer, "Let's see if Mike has any porn, that'll be good for a laugh," then they find that, and suddenly the fun's over. "I don't know if I feel comfortable being in the same room with him anymore," and all that. Actually, something very similar happened when I snooped on my college roommate's computer, but let's not go into that.

Anyway, I digress, but I did want to mention one other thing pointed out in the same post at the Comics Curmudgeon, though it might not amuse you as much if you didn't follow the recent storyline in For Better or for Worse where special-needs student Shannon Lake gives an impassioned speech in the school cafeteria. But someone has revised the strip, to reflect reality. Which I was glad to see, as I found the original strips revolting. Offensively condescending, and hopelessly out of touch with actual teen dynamics. As one of the revised strips puts it, "You do have a personality, Shannon! You talk funny an' I patronize you!" Anyways, the new versions really made me laugh, especially the first strip for some reason.

UPDATE: The Shannon parody was removed, by threat of lawsuit. Fuck you, Lynn Johnson.

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