Friday, July 13, 2007

Sony's PS3 price cut a sham. They are phasing out the 60 GB hard drive models, and soon only the $600 80 GB models will be available. So you'll still be paying (or not paying) $600, but you'll get a slightly larger hard drive. $100 for 20 GB isn't a good deal, especially when you can upgrade the PS3 with third-party hard drives (unlike the Xbox 360). And, for the extra $100, you are rewarded with less backward-compatibility with PS2 software, as the new models use software emulation, and Sony has been clear they don't plan to make backwards-compatibility a priority. So way to go, Sony: It looked for a second that you might have a chance, but glad to see your arrogance remains unchecked. Enjoy third place.

UPDATE: Sony denies that it is phasing out the 60 GB PS3. So apparently their executives just make things up.

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