Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lord Buckley on You Bet Your Life:
This is included in one of the You Bet Your Life best-of DVDs, which I heartily recommend. They really hold up well, due both to Groucho's quick wit (though the shows were actually quite tightly-scripted), and the wide range of contestants, famous and not.

As for Lord Buckley, this and other clips can be found here. A biography, or more properly an oral history, was published under the title Dig Infinity! It is OOP, but a well-stocked local library should have a copy of the book, and more importantly the accompanying CD, with performances and interviews. An album is also available on eMusic. Good stuff, all around.

And finally, Lord Buckley on The Beany & Cecil Show.

UPDATE: I've created a Lord Buckley playlist on iMeem. So far, only one song, but I intend to upload more of his stuff soon.

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