Saturday, July 30, 2005

I saw Moonlight and Magnolias earlier this week at the Old Globe. I enjoyed it. Perhaps I would have liked it more had I ever seen Gone With the Wind, but as the play is about how Ben Hecht produced a script for the film in five days without reading the book, maybe my ignorance was appropriate. The play kept a good balance overall between the humor, which veered slightly into Three Stooges territory at times, and the heavier issues, regarding the appropriateness of two jews making a movie glorifying the old South and the Klan, and the conflicting impulses of powerful jews in Hollywood, to be successful and true to their roots. And the cast was all great, especially Dan Castellaneta as Selznic. And he worked in a Homeresque scream or two, which was nice. I would recommend seeing this if you get a chance. Times Art Tix seems to have half-price tickets fairly regularly, and the seats I got through them were pretty good, off to the side a tad on the balcony, but there's not really a bad seat in the house.

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