Friday, July 08, 2005

Two weeks of summer school is over. That roughly corresponds to one quarter during the academic year. And I'm still standing. Did horrendously on the last quiz, but I knew that going in. I just wasn't prepared. And one quiz grade will be discarded, so I still have a good grade, though I assume things will only get harder going on. But I am still currently optimistic of my chances of passing. But only time will tell.

Comic-Con is in two weeks, and I will not be attending. I agreed to work that weekend, not realizing it was Comic-Con weekend. And I don't feel like paying $20 or so just for a one-day pass, when I can't make it on a school day before 2:00 or so. I haven't had time to peruse the schedule yet, so if there is something really cool Thursday or Saturday afternoon, I still might go. But I think I just need to focus on Latin this year.

I am gaining more experience with on-line poker. I learned the danger of the "blackjack" option at Paradise Poker. You can open a window with a blackjack game while you play poker. I've had good luck at it, while playing for modest stakes, mostly. But last night, I was playing a $0.50/$1 Hi-Lo Stud game, and lost $30, which pissed me off (lost a bundle with three Queens rolled up). I was just taking a little study break, so I didn't have time to play a tournament to win the money back, so I decided to make my stand at blackjack. And in ten minutes, I had no money in my Paradise Poker account. And I'd built it up pretty nice, winning some $20 buy-in tourneys. So that was an expensive lesson for me: no more blackjack on-line. I'll just stick to poker. I've done pretty good at poker; I've moved up to the $20 single-table tournaments ($100 first prize), and I came in first twice today, helping me start building up a poker bankroll again.

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