Sunday, July 17, 2005

I noticed that some new Saturday Night Live DVDs are coming out, from some of the earlier episodes. There are some "best of" DVDs, like the Best of Gilda Radner, as well as a SNL: First Five Years DVD, which I am unclear on, whether this is another compilation DVD, or just the documentary special that aired recently on NBC. Anyway, I'm not particularly interested in these, but got me wondering again about why they don't release a best of SNL short films, including the Albert Brooks films. So I took a look on-line, and it turns out Albert Brooks has a website, and while it's not overloaded with information, I did notice this interesting tidbit: "Stay tuned, because you never know when [the SNL short films] be offered right here on DVD. We’ll be providing screen shots and more descriptive information shortly." Good news, indeed! I hope they throw in some nice extras, like some stand-up clips, like his See-and-Say ventriloquism act (it actually wasn't a see-and-say, I don't think, but a similar device I've forgotten the name of), or really any of his Johnny Carson appearances.

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