Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Tanner had another seizure Saturday night. He was lying down around 10:00, and got up and fell over, and started having seizures. It seemed most prevalent on his left side, but all four legs were stiff, but he could still walk somewhat. He even managed to walk outside through his doggie door, so he was apparently conscious during the attack. It didn't seem too severe, but lasted what felt like a long time, but probably was about two minutes, maybe less. It's hard to tell when the seizure ends, exactly, and when he's just confused and disoriented and unsure on his feet. So we called the vet and she didn't ask me to bring Tanner in, but suggested we put him on phenobarbital. The vet said that they don't really need to medicate if seizures are more than a month apart, but that in Tanner's case it might not be a bad idea. I had researched the topic on an on-line canine epilepsy resource, and wasn't surprised the vet suggested phenobarbital, but I am concerned about the side effects, namely lethargy and increased appetite. It's been enough of a struggle keeping Tanner's weight somewhat controlled, without making him sleep and eat more. And once you start the drugs, it's basically a lifetime regemine. So I think we're going to pass on the drugs, unless he has another incident in the next two or three months. However, I should note I made this decision with the belief it had been about four months since Tanner's last seizure; turns out his last seizure was only about two and a half months ago. So while I hope this won't come up again, it would be naive to think this will just magically go away. But before starting Tanner of a lifetime of drugs, I'd like to wait and see a little bit.

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