Saturday, July 30, 2005

Wonka brand candy products are everywhere these days, what with the movie and all. Target has a number of candies on sale, including a very interesting four-pack, where you get a large box of Nerds, Bottlecaps, Gobstopers, and Runts for $2.99. I had forgotten that Bottlecaps are the most awesome candy on the planet. I especially enjoy that they leave the flavors alone, so that the supposedly soda-based candy still has cherry. I know I love having a cherry soda down at the sock-hop when I'm cruising in my Thunderbird. They insisted in adding new flavors to Runts, but they left Bottlecaps alone. What upset me, though, was the "Everlasting" Gobstoper. I don't know if I just had weaker teeth as a lad, but these used to last at least four or five minutes. And they used to change flavor repeatedly. Now they are just a thin hard candy shell over a soft, gritty center. They last all of thirty seconds, if you bite into them, which of course I do. They look about 2/3 of the size of the original, perhaps smaller. A big disappointment. But the Bottlecaps were a joy. I keep meaning to go down to the liquor store in OB where I always bought candy as a kid, see if they still have the great selection.

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