Friday, July 01, 2005

One week of summer school down, five weeks (and one day) to go. So far, so good. Got an A on my first quiz, and while I didn't do as well on today's quiz (forgot a few vocab words, like "high" and "deep"), I certainly passed. Monday's quiz should give me a better idea where I stand. There is a lot of material to cover in a short time, but I think I may be better off than in a traditional year-long Latin course, where I would be more tempted to put things off and not study as much, and just hope I pick things up as I go along. Here I know I can't get away with that. And the new textbook does seem much better than the tradional text.

One annoying thing: Parking is as bad in the summer as it is all year. There's hardly any student parking lots left on campus. The first day, I tried parking in the Gilman parking structure, and while I knew it was mostly staff and faculty parking, I was shocked just how little student parking there is. There is a dorm parking lot not far from there, where I had luck parking the first couple days, but it was full on Thursday, and for the last two days I've parked over by the La Jolla Playhouse. I paid almost $100 for the parking permits (we run a week longer than the traditional summer session, so I had to buy an occasional use permit as well), and ended up parking a five-minute walk away from free street parking for almost half the week. At least I learned a valuable lesson to never again buy a permit for school (I still need occasional use permits to park at work, but at least there's plenty of spaces available).

Today I didn't even try to get a good parking space, seeing as the drive to school was bad enough. I spilled coffee all over myself, and didn't have time to go home and change. What was odd was, I managed to really up-end the coffee mug, so that I spilled some on my lap, but most of it wound up in my face. I had to pull over and get a rag out of the trunk to wipe my face and glasses clean. I don't quite understand just how I managed to pull that off. Guess it's just part of the bad luck I've been having playing poker on-line (I lost almost everything I won, but now I've won a good chunck of it back).

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