Friday, September 09, 2005

Roman Catholic Archdioses challenging sex abuse law. My eye was caught by the use of the phrase "economic Holocaust." You know, when I think of "Holocaust," I tend to think of innocent victims being slaughtered, not guilty parties made to answer for their sins. And I find the notion of an "economic Holocaust" to be in very poor taste (as does the American Heritage Dictionary, as noted in this usage guide. (It also notes that Holocaust, when capitalized, refers specifically to the mass murder perpetrated by the Nazis, though it would presumably be the paper, not the lawyer, responsible for the capitalization). But it just seems to me, when you're making the very compelling argument that you shouldn't be tried for a crime because you destroyed documents and now would have difficulty defending yourself, you should avoid invoking the Holocaust in your argument, as it's unlikely to get you very far.

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