Friday, March 14, 2008

Today is Pi Day. Maybe I'm just a bitter old crank, but I hate Pi Day. Not that I hate March 14th, that would be an odd thing. But I hate people who pretend that Pi Day is interesting. Wow, 3/14, that's the numbers in Pi, let's do stuff. Eat pie, that's crazy. Who cares? It seems like such an affectation, like people who purport to be very concerned with the latest news on Pluto no longer being a planet (if you have a documented interest in astronomy or are under 10, you get a pass on that one--and Randy Newman, your mention of this fact in your latest single does NOT get a pass, sorry). So go ahead and eat pie if you want. But guess what? If you have a few dollars in your pocket and some mode of transportation, you can eat pie whenever you damn well please! Keep Pi Day alive in your heart all year round! Just shut up about it, geez.

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