Saturday, June 25, 2005

My host at Valley View Casino just called me back. They signed me up for the slot tournament, but explained that the resort was booked up, so I wouldn't get a room. The offer clearly stated, "rooms based on availability," and I don't doubt they were in small supply, but it still sucks, because that is a long drive. I might look in to a room at Harrah's, they no longer like to give me free rooms, especially on a weekend, but I wouldn't mind paying a reasonable amount. Unfortunately, a quick check on-line reveals a quote of $99 for one night and $149 for the other, so I don't think I'll do that. I don't look forward to driving up to Valley View early in the morning, two days straight. If the tournament turns out to be a bust, they may have a disillusioned player on their hands.

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