Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A New York Times guest op-ed piece makes a stunning observation: Anyone notice this new coffee company called Starbucks? Apparently, if you want cream and sugar in your coffee, you put it in yourself. And they actually expect you to wait in line. I do believe I have the vapers just thinking about it! Slate has nominated Andy Rooney Stanley Fish as the author of the worst Op-Ed ever written, noting the disturbing undercurrent to his cluelessness:
One wants to feel sympathy for professor Fish in his distress. But although most of the unintentional humor in professor Fish's column comes from his comic cluelessness about things he thinks are "new" in the culture, this note of entitlement gives it a kind of nasty edge.

He concedes toward the close of his column: "[N]one of us has chosen to take over the jobs of those we pay to serve us."

Is it just me, or is there something grating in that phrase: "those we pay to serve us"? So distasteful, the life of the servant class, compared with the life of the mind.

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