Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert may testify in YouTube lawsuit. The article says the exact purpose is unclear, but there are two obvious reasons they may be called. Most obviously, they both appeared on YouTube in spades, until their corporate overlords had them removed. But also, both of their respective programs rely heavily on "fair use" to ridicule the newsmakers and the news media. Though since I think Google's defense relies more on safe harbor provisions of the DMCA, rather than fair use, I'd guess they want the comedians to testify about how YouTube exposure benefited them both.

Or perhaps they'll be asked to testify about how, now that they're clips are available from Comedy Central's Motherload site, rather than YouTube, trying to watch them online is an infuriating process that causes their fans to die a little inside every day. For God's sake, content providers, learn from the music industry and make a deal with YouTube now.

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