Thursday, May 05, 2005

Wong on dice. I've only been sporadically following the developments in craps recently, but I think my basic concern is the same voiced in the article by Fezzik: I believe Stanford Wong can beat craps, but can I? I don't know that I'm prepared to put the time in to practice. Also, I think you'd probably need some hands-on tutoring; I doubt this can be learned easily from a book.

Also, one argument about why casinos shouldn't react so vehemently against card counters is, for every card counter, there are ten people who think they're counting cards. I think the potential for self-delusion would be far stronger at craps than at blackjack, at least in the short-term. One can easily quiz oneself at card counting, just count down a deck and make sure you end up at a count of 0. At craps, you only have the results of the dice to judge by, and could easily discount bad results as a statistical anomoly. It might be an interesting skill to learn, if I was sure the casinos aren't going to turn ugly on advantage crap players in the near future (the comp potentials seem strong). But I have always found cards far more intriguing than dice.

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