Thursday, May 19, 2005

Pauline is in an assisted-living facility now, though she doesn't sound happy about it. She says she hears voices screaming at her at night. And she claims she has only days to live, though the doctors say she is physically quite strong for a woman her age (though knowing the family history of suicide, statements like that are off-putting, to say the least). And it seems like some of her friends are feeding off her delusions, and just making her more nervous. Bob actually seems to be doing a good job of taking care of things, though he seems a bit clueless sometimes, about things that happened in the past (he seemed only dimly aware that he owns half of Pauline's home, and apparently was unaware the home was uninsured). And the social worker and everyone seem to be on the same page, that she is delusional and unable to live on her own. So I think where she's at is where she'll be. Which is sad as I don't see her being happy there, but one must keep in mind the conditions she was living in (Bob says he's seen several rats in the house, and there is no working toilet--I will leave the puzzling and unsettling question that raises unexpressed).

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