Monday, January 19, 2004

In my continuing effort to spend money on things I really don't need, I'm seriously considering buying a DVD recorder/digital television recorder. I have lots of VHS tapes I would like to get organized, with various stuff I've taped off TV over the years. I've previously considered purchasing a dual-unit VCR for editing them down. I thought a DVD recorder was too expensive. But $500 for a recorder that doubles as a Tivo (without the program guide or automatic recording features, but also without need of a telephone hookup and monthly fee) sounds like a damn good deal. Amazon's price seems fair, and I have a gift certificate for them. I definately want it, I'm just debating if now is the time to buy. Panasonic has a new one out with double the hard drive space for $1,000, so I wonder if I wait, will that get cheaper soon, or will they simply stop making the cheaper models, so I'd be stuck with a more expensive unit? I have a feeling I'll buy it, but I do need to give it some thought.

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