Saturday, January 17, 2004

I'm sick again, though I was never really well, so I guess I shouldn't say "again." I was feeling pretty good Thursday, but was feeling tired, so I went to bed early. Around 11:15, I woke up and threw up, figured my dinner wasn't sitting well. Then I proceded to get up and throw up every twenty minutes, for most of the night. Very unpleasant, I hate dry heaves. I'd drink water and gatorade, and couldn't keep either down. And I was feverish and somewhat delusional, which is sort of fun, I suppose. So I missed school on Friday, and felt pretty crappy. I didn't throw up as often on Friday, but for most of the day I still couldn't keep anything down. But I had some cereal around 9 PM and kept it down, and so far so good today, so hopefully I'm through the worst of it.

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