Sunday, May 27, 2007

Attentive readers of this blog might have deduced that I'm rather fond of The Comics Curmudgeon. My heart always skips a beat when Bloglines shows me that the site has been updated. So it is a great honor to say I have been bestowed one of the greatest honors the site has to bestow: Comment of the Week runner-up. Take a look at the Slylock Fox strip that inspired my comment, and then take in my remarks, pulling up the caboose of the comment also-rans (I'm Flealick).

I do hope my next major achievement in life won't also involve the phrase "getting off on the Junior Jumble". But I am proud that Slylock Fox was involved, as it's actually a very interesting comic with some nice artwork. And a sexy, sexy cat. One could probably spend one's time better than going through the Comic Curmudgeon's archive of Slylock Fox-related posts, but why would you want to?

UPDATE: Perusing the archives, I came across this lovely sketch of Cassandra Cat (scroll down a tad). I can just imagine what artwork this Sunday's installment could inspire. (Actually, I don't have to imagine too hard.)

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