Saturday, March 03, 2007

Returning visitors will notice things look a bit different. I'd been meaning to make a change to the blog's layout for some time, and I finally bit the bullet and chose a new template. The main reason for the change is, I don't think my old layout was very reader-friendly. I didn't often have reason to read my own blog, but when I did, I often had to use the browser's option to increase font size to read it comfortably. If a blog's own webmaster finds the font unpleasant to read, that's a sign of a serious design flaw.

I was on the fence between this template, which Blogger calls "Rounders," and "Minima Dark," which is somewhat more in keeping with the previous aesthetic of this blog. I nearly went with the darker color scheme, but ultimately went with the current look. Primarily, I felt that, as long as I was making changes, I might as well go for a completely different look, but also, I felt that the "Minima Dark" template is just a tad overused (not that variations on this template are not also quite common, in my experience). I hope you find the new look pleasing.

I also took the option to revamp the links a bit, to somewhat better reflect my actual web-surfing habits, for the most part. I also intend to break it down a bit more into categories (so far, the only sub-category is for music blogs, but I intend to add links to podcasts, as well as other categories as they come to mind), but for now I think this is more than adequate. And I added a chart of the last ten songs I listened to, as collected by my profile. I might replace that with my top ten artists of the week or some other more interesting chart, I haven't decided yet (I'd add more than one chart, but I fear things would get too busy). I also signed up for Google Ads, mostly out of curiosity about what ads would be matched to this blog, as well as a desire to learn more about the program for another project on which I'm (very, very slowly) working.

I'm sure I'll be making other minor changes around her in the coming days. If you notice anything missing, or anything broken, let me know in the comments.

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