Sunday, January 28, 2007

As reported at The Comics Curmudgeon, the 1940s adventure comic strip Steve Canyon is being rerun from its inception online. The pacing is a bit slow for modern tastes, but it still moves lightning-fast by Mary Worth/Judge Parker standards. More interesting as a time capsule that anything else, but holds up well enough to make it worth a daily read. Mostly, it's just fascinating to imagine a time where comic strips were as anticipated as the latest television program or podcast or whatever the hell it is the young people care about these days; a world where words like "excitement" and "sex appeal" weren't out of place in discussing the funny pages. A comic strip debuting on page one, above the fold, is hard to fathom today.

Relatedly, an article about clipping and saving vintage strips, with a mention of some of the fantastic Fantagraphics anthologies of recent years.

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