Sunday, November 16, 2003

Ran in the Shelter Island 5K this morning. The weather was nice for it, no rain, the sun was out but it was still cool. I was concerned about my performance, as I had not yet recovered from the layoff due to illness and then the fires. The run felt very hard, but I managed a respectable 21:17 (a personal record or very close, I'll have to check when I get home). Under-seven-minute pace, and placed me right on the midpoint of my age division (this was my first race since entering the 25-29 group). Coming that close, I would have liked to have broken the 21:00 mark, but not being as prepared as I would have liked, I couldn't really push myself as hard as I would have liked, in that second mile. Afterwards, they provided a champagne brunch, which I was really surprised how nice it was. Omelette bar, sushi, and a wide variety of other breakfast foods. I had an omelette, a little sushi, and fruit, and some champagne. I intended to go back for seconds, but the line was horrendous by that point, and in any event I wasn't that hungry. I believe this is the first time they've put this event on, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Shelter Island (I find it hard to believe it's that recent an addition to our coastline), but I hope they hold it again, it was a nice course, and the brunch was excellent, even if champagne isn't really what I'm longing for after a run.

So I'm at work, and it finally occurs to me, for the first time when I had a computer handy, that I should see when my appointment time to schedule classes for next quarter is. It was Monday. No problem, since nothing I wanted to take is impacted or anything. Unfortunately, there is precious little being offered that I want to take. I found one class that meets MWF at 9:00 AM, and another MWF at 3:00 PM. I can't find anything in between those two, so I guess I'll just have a lot of time to kill between classes (maybe I'll make it to the gym occasionally). There is a class TuTh at 6:30, so I could run after work and then go there. Only the 3:00 class (earth science) advances me directly towards graduation, the other two are literature classes, but offered through literature of the world and cultural studies, respectively, so other than elective credit (which I have in spades), they do me little good. But "Words and their Vicissitudes" sounds interesting in a snooty, "A Way With Words" sort of way (do they still make that show? I don't see it on KPBS' web though I should be shocked to learn of one less locally-produced program on KPBS), and surely "Representing the Economy" will be a hoot. I figure I'll enroll in those three, and hopefully I'll find something to replace "Representing the Economy" by the time January rolls around.

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